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Improving Trauma Care, the Revised 2021 Trauma Triage Guideline

CME Session with Upstate University Hospital

Two Sessions Availablle:

April 12th, 2023  @ 11 AM - Join CME Session Here: Zoom Link

April 18th, 2023  @ 6:30 PM - Join CME Session Here: Zoom Link

The 2021 National Guideline for the Field Triage of Injured Patients was released by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma in 2022 and adopted by New York State in February 2023.   We recognize the importance of field triage and the vital role EMS plays to identify the most seriously injured patients in need of specialized trauma care. The guideline is intended to provide EMS with a resource to guide patient destinations for those with traumatic injuries.  Through guided discussion and case-based scenarios, we will review the substantive changes to the National Guideline for the Field Triage of Injured Patients.

 Length   60 minutes


Discuss the importance of the field triage guideline and its link to improved survival

Utilize the trauma triage guideline to identify a patient at high risk for serious injury

•  Utilize the trauma triage guideline to identify a patient at moderate risk for serious injury

•  Make an appropriate transport decision based on the trauma triage guideline

Kelley McDougal is a Paramedic in Northern New York. She is also a special needs Mom, Autism Educator and Advocate

Autism Awareness for EMS

CME Session with Kelley McDougal, Paramedic, Autism Advocate

April 20th, 2023  @ 7 PM - Zoom 

Join CME Session Here: Meeting Zoom Link

People with autism spectrum disorder, and other developmental disorders, respond differently  to emergency situations. EMS needs to be able to recognize signs that their patient may have autism and be able to adjust patient care accordingly. In this one hour training we will cover autism recognition, patient and provider safety, elopement, care techniques and more.

Recordings of Past CME Classes will soon be available on Vital Signs Academy